Dr. David Lee Shares Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

The health benefits of whole body vibration therapy (WBV) are well documented and it is used in healthcare facilities across the country like the one run by Dr. David Lee. He is a leader in his field who advocates the use of WBV to provide the very best treatment for his patients. In this interview Dr. Lee shares insight into why he uses WBV and why he chose the VibraWav Pro XT to deliver the best results possible. 
Dr. Lee, take a moment and tell us why you began providing WBV therapy for your patients. 
Where do I start? The ideal client for whole body vibration is anyone wanting to increase their health index and mobility down to the cellular level. And since whole body vibration can be used standing, sitting, lying, etc., it is accessible to a wide range of patients despite age and mobility. 
Many of our patients have reported cessation of symptoms since starting the VibraWav Pro XT sessions. We even include a vibration session for all of our weight-loss patients with increasing and speedy results. Of all of our modalities it is by far the easiest, most patient friendly and popular device or procedure we offer; second only to the Chiropractic Adjustment. 
Lots of products come across your desk, why did you choose the VibraWav Pro XT for your office? 
The VibraWav Pro XT came to my office after I had tested three other vibration plate devices. I sent the first three back due to failures, safety issues and faulty controls. I now have two VibraWav units in the Woodstock, GA clinic and one at each of the three Florida locations. We use the machines on every patient, at every visit. The patients love this therapy and are continually inventing new ways to stretch, exercise and just enjoy their time on the machines. 
What would you say to the patient reluctant to try WBV? 
Motion is the difference between life and death of an organism and our patients feel the positive effects of vibration on lymph, muscle, joints and overall body mobility. Patients regularly report feeling energized and re-vitalized with each session. I encourage you to try this therapy for yourself. I think you will find it as impressive and exciting as I have.