Sheri M. post thumbnail
Sheri M.
Verified Customer
VibraWav Pro is great for my back. Holds my adjustments longer after visiting the Chiropractor.
Dale M. post thumbnail
Dale M.
Verified Customer
all 5 stars plus, it is great and does everything is says
Anida B. post thumbnail
Anida B.
Verified Customer
I love my Vibra Wav!! I have lost 1/2 inch off my thighs and 1/4…
Kathy M. post thumbnail
Kathy M.
Verified Customer
This is the product of the 21st century! Not only is it effective, but safe…
Dr. Jeffrey M. post thumbnail
Dr. Jeffrey M.
Verified Customer
we would like to see the product made a little more sturdy. we dont overuse…
Carolyn H. post thumbnail
Carolyn H.
Verified Customer
This is a great product.
Marlene F. post thumbnail
Marlene F.
Verified Customer
I love my VibraWav. I sit at my desk all day making my muscles feel…
Dave F. post thumbnail
Dave F.
Verified Customer
Great machine . Also great to get on when you have a cramp in any…
Stacie L. post thumbnail
Stacie L.
Verified Customer
Love that it only takes 10 minutes a day!